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Harper's Bazar (Bazaar), November 6 1869 - A Repository of Fashion, Pleasure, and Instruction

Harper & Brothers Publishers, 1869

89,95 € (Ladysmith, Canada)

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16 pages. Contents: Cover illustrations of Paletots; Before the Doctor Comes; Chances of Marriage; A Stick of Candy; New York Fashions - cloaks, velvet and its garnitures, cloth cloakings, plush and cashmere, prices; personal; Passementerie Cloak Trimmings; How We Parted - by Annie Thomas; Wonderful centerfold shows nineteen women wearing various mantelets; Debenham's Vow - continued; Father Hyacinthe; Serpentine Braid and Crochet Collar; Humor; and more. Average wear. 9" x 5" clipping from page 718. Book