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Harper's Bazar (Bazaar), September 17, 1870 - A Repository of Fashion, Pleasure, and Instruction

Harper & Brothers Publishers, 1870

89,95 € (Ladysmith, Canada)

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16 pages. Contents: Trained Evening Dress (on cover); Mouldy Lemons; New York Fashions - millinery, frou frou gauze, lace, flowers, feathers, jet ornaments, round hats, Personal; 4"x4" chunk missing from top corner of page 595; Antimacassar of serpentine braid lace stitch, and crochet; Embroidered honey-comb coverlet; House and street dresses; Tulle Foundation for Blouses, Veils, Fichus; Crochet Rosette; Ladies' and Children's House and Street Dresses; Art of Bouquet Making; Out of the forest - a Story of Hungary - part IV; Pickles; Sayings and Doings; Two large beautiful illustrations by Edouard Dubufe entitled "The Conscript's Departure' and"The Conscript's Return"; For the Ugly Girls - No. IV; Paris Modes; The Cryptogram - continued; Morning in the desert; "Peaches and Milk" - nice illustration of two black children drawn by W.L. Sheppard; What One can Hit Upon; Humor; and more. Average wear. Book