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RareNonFiction.com (Canada)

Rare Non-Fiction Books and Vintage Magazines

Full-time specialists in rare non-fiction books and vintage magazines since 2001.  Your purchase will be carefully packed in a sturdy new carton and shipped with tracking and full insurance.  Member of IOBA.  

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  • Libreria: rarenonfiction.com (canada)
  1. Thumb_happy-talk-piano-sheet-music-with-lyrics-chords-febecf96-9c92-44b6-8098-28fe503c7e47
  2. Thumb_endless-love-piano-sheet-music-with-lyrics-guitar-chords-54947f35-9406-4087-bbd5-763547acb550
    • CHAPPELL, 1981
    • Libreria: RareNonFiction.com (Canada)
    • Note Bibliografiche: As recorded by Lionel Richie and Diana Ross on Motown Records. 6 pages. Moderate wear. Few markings. A quality vintage copy of this lovely composition. continua a leggere
  3. Thumb_runnin-back-saskatoon-piano-sheet-music-with-guitar-39181427-926e-4f32-baa5-0fde93e88a26
    • Libreria: RareNonFiction.com (Canada)
    • Note Bibliografiche: Fantastic colour cover photo of the band in Seattle's Paramount Theatre where this song was recorded live for the album Live at the Paramount in 1972. Four pages, 28 x 21.5cm. Above-average wear. Faint bits of writing and sticker remnant near top of front cover. A rare and wonderful memento of this great Canadian prairie song and the fantastic band which composed and performed it. How many other songs about Saskatoon have made it to the Canadian Top 10? Framed and displayed, this will serve as a proud addition to the wall of any classy Saskatoon dining room or night club. continua a leggere
  4. Thumb_arts-asia-foremost-international-asian-arts-acd5c3c7-aab9-4f24-8e62-41e5b2d14ca9
    • Libreria: RareNonFiction.com (Canada)
    • Note Bibliografiche: 148 pages. Lavishly produced upon glossy stock. Profusely illustrated with colour photography. Features: Creating the new Sir Joseph Hotung Gallery of China and South Asia; Between the Mobile and the Settled - Rediscovering Steppe Objects showing interregional contacts essential to China; Stories on Cizhou Wares at the British Museum; The Revival of Xipi Lacquer - a new acquisition at the British Museum; Something Old, Something New - contemporary Chinese paintings and prints; The Indus Civilisation and long distance exchange networks across middle Asia in the 3rd Millennium BC; Jaina mater... continua a leggere
  5. Thumb_arts-asia-foremost-international-asian-arts-b6b78a89-a2a8-4f7b-9989-c37b8eef63e3
    • Libreria: RareNonFiction.com (Canada)
    • Note Bibliografiche: 160 pages. Lavishly produced upon glossy stock. Profusely illustrated with colour photography. Features: Ly-Tran Arts (1009-1400) of Vietnam; Portable Sandalwood Shrines in China and Japan; Chinese blue and white ceramics with Siamese motifs; The Long Museum in Shanghai; Contemporary Chinese artist Luo Qi; The BenCab Museum in the Philippine Cordillera Mountains. Clean, bright and unmarked with very light wear. An excellent copy. continua a leggere
  6. Thumb_arts-asia-magazine-march-april-1990-volume-number-0596e3e1-fa1d-46fb-946e-f4d15bc4e554
    • Libreria: RareNonFiction.com (Canada)
    • Note Bibliografiche: 172 pages. Lavishly produced upon glossy stock. Profusely illustrated with colour and black and white photography. Features: Japanese combs and hairpins (including cover photo); A Study of Netsuke and metalworking techniques in Japan; From Jomon to Sankama - ceramic treasures in the Idemitsu Museum of Arts; Wagashi - sweet inspirations the year round; Treasures of the Fuji Art Museums; Behinds the Scenes 18; Japanese Sales at Christie's New York; Chinese Sales at Sotheby's Hong Kong; Traditional Body Ornaments from the Naga Hills; "Art of the 1980's in Japan". Clean and unmarked with very l... continua a leggere
  7. Thumb_stranger-trade-joseph-wrigley-352eeaf1-c680-4a1f-b723-f38242e633bb
    • Libreria: RareNonFiction.com (Canada)
    • Note Bibliografiche: iv,109pp. Footnotes, bibliography and index. The first work to focus on Joseph Wrigley and his years as trade commissioner of the HBC. During these years the company continued to tap rich fur resources while gradually shifting attention to its land holdings and commercial ventures. Unmarked with light wear. A quality copy of this revised version of the author's M.A. thesis. continua a leggere
  8. Thumb_evergreen-gold-1967-student-yearbook-91df719d-3388-4d90-9864-3c4e37819486
    • Libreria: RareNonFiction.com (Canada)
    • Note Bibliografiche: 400 pages of fabulous photos depicting the life and times of the U. of A.'s 1967 student body. Unmarked with average wear. A sound vintage copy. continua a leggere
  9. Thumb_eskimo-masks-ceremony-cac798fc-6e65-4ee8-9f28-4ecf9d287894
    • J.J. DOUGLAS LTD., 1975
    • Libreria: RareNonFiction.com (Canada)
    • Note Bibliografiche: vii, [5], 246 pp. Index. Bibliography. Illustrated with colour and black and white photos. Printed upon glossy stock. Reprint of the 1967 first edition. "This book is unique, of a very high quality of production, and scholarly in the extreme. From it one may learn nearly all there is to know about traditional Alaskan Eskimo masks." - American Anthropologist. Some markings to contents. Somewhat above-average wear. Binding intact. A sound reference copy. Tourville 3755, Ricks p.180. continua a leggere
  10. Thumb_gentiles-90783283-25c0-47a1-9b22-422778f6b2c1
    • Libreria: RareNonFiction.com (Canada)
    • Note Bibliografiche: [6], 7-221pp. 7.75" x 5.5". A modern Jew, perhaps for the first time, analyzes western civilization as an expression of the Gentile way of life and shows where this clashes with the nature and spiritual impulses of the Jew. - paraphrased from front flap of replica dust jacket included with this copy. "I console myself with the thought that if this book offends by its assertiveness, God knows that the infinite tactfulness of thousands of other Jews seems to have offended no less. Whatever we do we are damned - and I would rather be damned standing up than lying down." - p.221. "Born in Roman... continua a leggere
  11. Thumb_combat-survival-course-notes-2080f6f3-5e1a-4d0a-bee4-aee45cd1c7b1
    • PALADIN PRESS, 1981
    • Libreria: RareNonFiction.com (Canada)
    • Note Bibliografiche: [5], i, [3], 150 pp. Black and white diagrams. Publisher believes this to be a work of Great Britain's elite Special Air Service (SAS). "While comparable to other government survival texts in some areas, its combat orientation differentiates it from all others presently available. More conventionally, its section on snares and deadfalls contains many unusual and practical systems, some of which appear to have originated in primitive Asian countries." - Foreword. Unmarked with moderate wear. Binding tight. A sound copy of this invaluable survival guide. continua a leggere
  12. Thumb_architecture-history-hockey-arena-a64af118-ecac-42a1-9915-76f20c3b40ee
    • Libreria: RareNonFiction.com (Canada)
    • Note Bibliografiche: 316 pp. Footnotes. Index. Printed upon glossy stock lavishly illustrated with colour and black and white photos. "Charts the development of skating rinks and arenas from their origins as simple wooden sheds to today's fully wired, multi-purpose entertainment complexes. Shows how these buildings have been adapted to seasonal change and to a multitide of uses besides skating - from political rallies to rock concerts - and how these adaptations, in turn, have transformed skating, curling, and hockey." - dust jacket. Clean, bright and unmarked with negligible wear. Dust jacket now preserved in ... continua a leggere
  13. Thumb_last-covered-bridge-builders-b100d326-a390-4315-bd7a-3367940a9fe4
    • CLIFFORD-NICOL, INC., 1978
    • Libreria: RareNonFiction.com (Canada)
    • Note Bibliografiche: xxii, [8], 148 pp. Many black and white diagrams and reproductions of archival photos. At time of publication the author's family was the only American builder of authentic wooden highway covered bridges. "Anyone who almost single handedly has repaired, rebuilt and even completely constructed twenty-two covered bridges deserves a marble pedestal in the antiquarian Hall of Fame. This has been the accomplishment of Milton Graton. The bridges described in this volume round out a significant and colorful contribution to the preservation of the New England heritage." - Foreword. Bit of writing o... continua a leggere
  14. Thumb_jethro-tull-anthology-piano-sheet-music-lyrics-chords-4f82d0ff-e48a-45ee-957f-738c64dd02e1
    • Libreria: RareNonFiction.com (Canada)
    • Note Bibliografiche: 117 pages. Great psychedelic color cover art. Five full-page black and white photos of band members. Three pages of text provide a great history of the band and brief bios of its members. Includes piano sheet music, chords and lyrics for all songs on Jethro Tull's first four albums, Stand Up, This Was, Benefit and Aqualung: A New Day Yesterday; Back to the Family; Bouree; Fat Man; For a Thousand Mothers; Jeffrey Goes to Leicester Square; Look Into the Sun; Nothing is Easy; Reason for Waiting; We Used to Know; A Song for Jeffrey; Beggars Farm; Cat's Squirrel; Dharma for One; Move On Along; M... continua a leggere
  15. Thumb_lynyrd-skynyrd-song-book-songbook-ca09e2bc-ac4e-4070-83d8-51c4f635ed7b
    • Libreria: RareNonFiction.com (Canada)
    • Note Bibliografiche: 96 pages, including thirteen pages of great color photos of the band, its members, and two past members. Published in the same year as the tragic plane crash which took the life of lead singer and founding member Ronnie Van Zant. Includes piano sheet music, guitar chords [not guitar tabs] and lyrics for these classic songs: Blue Yodel ("T" for Texas); Call Me The Breeze; Cry for the Bad Man; Don't Ask Me No Questions; Double Trouble; Free Bird; Gimme Back My Bullets; Gimme Three Steps; I Ain't The One; I Need You; On the Hunt; Saturday Night Special; Searching; Simple Man; Sweet Home Alabam... continua a leggere
  16. Thumb_nugent-double-live-gonzo-songbook-song-book-piano-sheet-7e4d0c63-ee5a-4377-bed1-58411bc35912
    • Libreria: RareNonFiction.com (Canada)
    • Note Bibliografiche: Songbook for Ted Nugent's massive-selling Double Live Gonzo album from 1978. 63 pages including lots of great color photos of the Motor City Madman in action. Includes lyrics, piano sheet music and guitar chords for these songs: Baby Please Don't Go; Cat Scratch Fever; Gonzo; Great White Buffalo; Hibernation; Just What the Doctor Ordered; Motor City Madhouse; Stormtroopin'; Stranglehold; Wang Dang Sweet Poontang; Yank Me Crank Me. These songs include many classics but, for you younger folks, the most familiar tune for you may be Stranglehold which has been used as the wicked intro music of ... continua a leggere
  17. Thumb_eskimo-administration-alaska-canada-labrador-81d41b58-091b-4061-aaa3-dc0752420051
    • Libreria: RareNonFiction.com (Canada)
    • Note Bibliografiche: Five paperback volumes published from 1962 through 1968. 64, 186, 94, 176, 72 pp. Maps. Fold-out map. A series of studies which show that "Canada has faltered in her self-appointed task of leading her Eskimos out of their stone-age wilderness into our electronic civilization, and that she still is groping for ways and means to accomplish her mission. Includes suggestions which may help resolve some of these difficulties." - p.5 of Paper 21. Name inside front cover of Paper 19, otherwise all volumes clean, tight and unmarked with moderate wear. 10" x 6.75". A quality set of these historic st... continua a leggere
  18. Thumb_where-civilization-going-500e77d7-7497-487e-bd73-ef700f97ceae
    • VANGUARD PRESS, 1927
    • Libreria: RareNonFiction.com (Canada)
    • Note Bibliografiche: viii, 110 pp. 7.25" x 4.5". Readers will "gain an understanding of the direction in which the human race is traveling that will give a real perspective from which to judge day-to-day events." - Foreword. Dust jacket not included. Prior owner's small name faintly stamped (twice) upon front endpaper (along with a small book shop stamp), title page and Table of Contents, otherwise unmarked. Binding sound. Average wear to maroon boards which feature silhouette of man reading book in one hand and sledge hammer in the other, which is so iconic it has been (admittedly) purloined as the logo of a h... continua a leggere
  19. Thumb_cakes-hundred-tested-recipes-domestic-arts-series-eea697f6-9536-4915-9579-9a73011aefd3
    • T.C. & E.C. JACK, 1907
    • Libreria: RareNonFiction.com (Canada)
    • Note Bibliografiche: 1907 first edition. 16mo, [4]-128pp. Index. "See that your fire is in good condition, and that your oven is in a fair way to be at the right heat by the time your cake is ready for it." - Introductory. Chapters include: Preparation of Materials, Explanation of Terms, Preparation of Cake Tins, Baking of Cakes, One Hundred Recipes, Icing and Decoration, General Hints and Small Cakes. Above-average external wear and soiling. Soiling to contents consistent with a well but respectfully used copy. Hairline opening in binding at recto of back free endpaper. Light pencil notes upon front free endpa... continua a leggere
  20. Thumb_none-dare-call-treason-48d80626-1d27-43ba-a1c0-a372fbfa4fad
    • Libreria: RareNonFiction.com (Canada)
    • Note Bibliografiche: 254 pages. References. Index. Reprint of the 1964 first edition. "The carefully documented story of America's retreat from victory." - subtitle. "A careful compilation of facts from hundreds of Congressional investigations of communism and dozens of authoritative books on the communist-socialist conspiracy to enslave America. You won't finish this book without concluding that America is in serious trouble." - back cover. Clean, tight and unmarked with moderate wear. Short tape repairs to pages 239-242. A sound vintage copy of this American conspiracy classic. Seidman S442. continua a leggere


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