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Full-time specialists in rare non-fiction books and vintage magazines since 2001.  Your purchase will be carefully packed in a sturdy new carton and shipped with tracking and full insurance.  Member of IOBA.  

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  • Libreria: rarenonfiction.com (canada)
  1. Thumb_friendly-fire-secret-between-allies-68ca4fe2-5554-4226-86bb-04228f8a2faa
    • Libreria: RareNonFiction.com (Canada)
    • Note Bibliografiche: 512 pp. Index, bibliography, list of abbreviations, extensive footnotes. Eight pages of black and white photographic plates. "Explores the treachery between - and within - the nations that were ostensibly allies during the Second World War. Demonstrates the extent to which the Allied war effort was driven by vested interests, primarily concerned with the balance of power in the post-war world rather than the defeat of Germany and Japan, thus prolonging the war by as much as two years and resulting in a Europe divided between East and West, and the onset of the Cold War." - dust jacket. Form... continua a leggere
  2. Thumb_jewelry-architects-from-collection-cleto-munari-5cd4692e-f86f-4713-a689-30cf0f7f45ae
    • RIZZOLI, 1987
    • Libreria: RareNonFiction.com (Canada)
    • Note Bibliografiche: 119 pp. 179 illustrations, 107 in color. Text in English. Translated from the Italian first edition entitled Gioielli di architetti. "The modern jewelry featured in this unusual and handsome publication was commissioned by collector Cleto Munari from some of the most renowned post-modernist architects of our time. The imagery of their jewelry is a miniaturized architectural journey in itself." - dust jacket. Includes works by: Mario Bellini, Michele De Lucchi, Peter Eisenman, Michael Graves, Hans Hollein, Arata Isozaki, Richard Meier, Alessandro Mendini, Paolo Portoghesi, Peter eShire, Etto... continua a leggere
  3. Thumb_winged-wheel-patch-history-canadian-military-7ea17a28-c40c-4949-a0a9-24b565a2059a
    • Libreria: RareNonFiction.com (Canada)
    • Note Bibliografiche: 159 pp. Index. Glossary. Footnotes. Specifications. Profusely illustrated with excellent black and white reproductions of archival photos. Printed upon glossy stock. "From interviews with despatch riders from both World Wars and with those who participated in the Motorcycle Display Teams of the 1950s and 1960s, to a detailed appendix of military motorcycle specifications, this book provides readers with a firsthand view of a fascinating yet often overlooked part of Canada's military history." - dust jacket. Book clean, bright and unmarked with light wear. Binding tight. Light wear to dust j... continua a leggere
  4. Thumb_hydramatic-principles-operation-diagnostic-c61282d4-02d8-4c06-9bb0-4bf8a325b8c7
    • Libreria: RareNonFiction.com (Canada)
    • Note Bibliografiche: 107 pages. Generously illustrated in color and black and hwite. "Intended to give readers a complete understanding of the principles of operation of the model THM 325-4L Hydra-matic transmission. Will serve as a useful tool to aid you in the service, diagnosis and repair of this unit." - title page. Clean and unmarked with average wear. A sound copy. continua a leggere
  5. Thumb_centralian-1981-1981-1982-yearbook-central-junior-02e434ec-089c-4e58-bd3a-9c5003787ea1
    • Libreria: RareNonFiction.com (Canada)
    • Note Bibliografiche: Approximately 80 pages. Profusely illustrated with black and white photos. Lots of autographs and inscriptions throughout. Moderate wear. A quality copy. continua a leggere
  6. Thumb_life-times-victoria-architect-leonard-james-b466f3d9-fb78-4fa7-b02e-df3652773c71
    • D.B.P., 2005
    • Libreria: RareNonFiction.com (Canada)
    • Note Bibliografiche: Signed, without inscription, upon title page by author. x, 220 pp. Index, bibliography, map, list of houses by street address. Profusely illustrated, primarily in black and whilte. Oblong 20 x 25cm. "With researched lists of his commissions and those of his partners: Hubert Savage and Douglas James." - subtitle. "A book on P.Leonard James's [1878-1970] life and accomplishments. A well-researched view of this architect's practice, with lively anecdotes and a highly personal record of his home life and journeys before and between WWI and WWII. Will appeal to heritage and history buffs, biogra... continua a leggere
  7. Thumb_silver-lead-hell-story-sandon-british-columbia-8c1c5f76-ab04-4c33-8ebb-0971826f9a8a
    • P.P.P., 1992
    • Libreria: RareNonFiction.com (Canada)
    • Note Bibliografiche: 143 pages. Bibliography, chronology, index, partial list of claims, map. Profusely illustrated with wonderful sepia-tone reproductions of archival photos. "This book carries you from Sandon's beginnings in 1891, through the boom years and on to the present. This is an eminently readable history for Sandon enthusiasts and armchair historians alike." - back cover. "A well-presented social history of Sandon... very readable and well-researched." - W.W. Sloan. Clean and unmarked with light wear. A nice copy of this engaging work which documents the history of this one-time silver mining boom to... continua a leggere
  8. Thumb_valette-1973-1973-1974-yearbook-cedar-hill-junior-e467efbe-7ac5-4c8f-a05d-aef90c9964a5
    • Libreria: RareNonFiction.com (Canada)
    • Note Bibliografiche: 64 pages. Loaded with black and white photos. Several autographs at back. Moderate wear. Photo and name of one student clipped and removed from the grade 8 class, otherwise a quality vintage copy. continua a leggere
  9. Thumb_peacemakers-north-peace-hudson-hope-section-e79704b3-e4d6-4416-ba53-1dce137259f9
    • Libreria: RareNonFiction.com (Canada)
    • Note Bibliografiche: 98 pages. Generously illustrated with black and white reproductions of wonderful archival photos. Map. Printed upon glossy stock. An informative chronicle of the history of this northern B.C. community with excellent coverage of local pioneers. Clean and unmarked with light wear. A nice copy of this excellent local history and genealogical reference. Hale & Barman 506, Edwards & Lort 2028. continua a leggere
  10. Thumb_first-vancouver-catalogue-appurtenances-16d58242-0c55-4465-8907-de4adc9035b9
    • Libreria: RareNonFiction.com (Canada)
    • Note Bibliografiche: 294 pages. Index. Profusely illustrated with black and white reproductions of photos. "A starting point for any Vancouverite's exploration of the city - some three hundred places and services you possibly didn't know about, all of them culled from the more interesting pieces of the Vancouver mosaic. We've got limousines and coffee beans and places that sell cowboy jeans. We've got books, cooks and dining nooks, butchers, bakers and you-name-it makers, frames, games and worthwhile names to know all over town, all of them selected because they help make Vancouver such a terrific place to live... continua a leggere
  11. Thumb_seigneury-longueuil-ginn-studies-canadian-history-2a5ccad3-75e1-42b1-95aa-448c43fe27f2
    • GINN AND COMPANY, 1971
    • Libreria: RareNonFiction.com (Canada)
    • Note Bibliografiche: 24 pages. Glossary. Oblong 20 x 26cm. Abundantly illustrated, primarily in colour. Nice learning tool for students. Two school stamps otherwise unmarked with moderate wear. A quality copy. continua a leggere
  12. Thumb_canadian-quixote-life-works-major-john-2f6e3c30-da46-4bee-9196-c70d9cfb4ab5
    • Libreria: RareNonFiction.com (Canada)
    • Note Bibliografiche: 219 pages. Oblong 18 x 20cm. Checklist of Richardson's works. Index. Black and white illlustrations. "Richardson died in poverty in New York after leading a tempestuous life in the British Army, and publishing several novels. After a decade of searching for details of Major Richardson in various countries, Mr. Beasley has pieced together a fascihnating story of Canada's first distinguished author." - back cover. Unmarked with somewhat above-average wear. Binding intact. Two minor blemishes where stickers were removed. A sound reference copy. continua a leggere
  13. Thumb_military-nurses-canada-recollections-canadian-69426f3b-ad61-408d-8ad8-7a8bb9050698
    • CO-PUBLISHING, 1995
    • Libreria: RareNonFiction.com (Canada)
    • Note Bibliografiche: 628 pages. Maps. Generously illustrated with black and white reproductions of archival photos. A large and wonderful compilation of brief biographies of Canadian military nurses. "The [nursing] sisters speak of endless convoys of wounded, the long hours under canvas, no lights or running water, the heat and the cold, the rain and the mud. The sisters of the RCN recall that their sailor patients not only suffered grievous wounds but were often soaked in oil and exposed to the rigours of the North Atlantic. Airmen, survivors of crashes, faced painful months of reconstructive surgery to dreadf... continua a leggere
  14. Thumb_story-martintown-ontario-pioneer-village-e12609b1-5a53-43bb-9dc4-43ba62e2eec3
    • Libreria: RareNonFiction.com (Canada)
    • Note Bibliografiche: [6], 151 pages. Black and white reproductions of archival photos. Local history of Martintown, Ontario, located just north of Cornwall. Chip from bottom of backstrip, otherwise clean and unmarked with light wear to publisher's faux leather blue cloth. Tight and square. A quality copy. Bishop p.1094. continua a leggere
  15. Thumb_lamoureux-pioneers-eec00d96-8e9b-4069-a330-bac6906d1568
    • Libreria: RareNonFiction.com (Canada)
    • Note Bibliografiche: Signed and inscribed by author upon dedication page. 275 pages. Index. Tables. Black and white reproductions of archival photos and documents. Text in English. "Outlines information compiled about the famous Lamoureux family since the author began his research in 1960. There is no family tree as such. Instead, in matters pertaining to individual families, there is depicted what is referred to as 'Family Sheets'. Each sheet depicts a husband, the wife or wives, and the children of that couple in birth order. The family sheet in turn relates back to the previous male parent and then to the or... continua a leggere
  16. Thumb_earnest-minded-account-local-government-4006fbd6-3c3a-4243-8859-d1b48c2937b5
    • Libreria: RareNonFiction.com (Canada)
    • Note Bibliografiche: 648 pages. Index. Map endpapers. Generously illustrated with black and white reproductions of archival photos. "The reader of these pages can take his/her pick of any of 117 school districts, ten local improvement districts, six nine-township municipalities, one large school division, two large municipal administrations and one county. When it is remembered that each of these required a Board or a Council, that elections were held each year and that a period of 68 years is involved, it will be seen that the number of 'earnest-minded men - and women - who served their fellow-citizens runs in... continua a leggere
  17. Thumb_through-canadian-periscope-story-canadian-83a83f1f-dfc9-4664-92dc-23f1f444fb5a
    • DUNDURN PRESS, 1995
    • Libreria: RareNonFiction.com (Canada)
    • Note Bibliografiche: xv, 364 pp. Footnotes. Bibliography. Index. Black and white illustrations. "Offers a colourful and thoroughly researched account of Canada's silent service, from its unexpected inauguration in British Columbia on the first day of the Great War to its uncertain future today. Celebrates the individuals who dedicated and in some instances gave their lives to Canada's submarine service." - dust jacket. Clean and unmarked with moderate wear. Moderate lean to spine. Dust jacket now preserved in archival-grade Brodart. A sound copy. Cooke [3] p.69 continua a leggere
  18. Thumb_more-single-shot-rifles-7322377f-409b-4e73-bbe6-7ff32bdd7777
    • GUN ROOM PRESS, 1992
    • Libreria: RareNonFiction.com (Canada)
    • Note Bibliografiche: x, 322 pp. Index. Generously illustrated in black and white. Reprint of the 1959 first edition. "An attempt to extend the scope of general knowledge on several makers of single-loaders, particularly those of F. Wesson and Farrow; knowledge of the former is still somewhat incomplete but it is hoped that this new data will be helpful." - Preface. Clean, bright and unmarked with light wear. Dust jacket not included. A quality copy. continua a leggere
  19. Thumb_rowing-scientific-approach-776f997f-01f0-4260-b17c-c7029bebd6ce
    • Libreria: RareNonFiction.com (Canada)
    • Note Bibliografiche: 160 pages. Bibliography. Index. 46 diagrams, 8 plates, 9 tables. "This book is the natural outcome of the Rowing Masters' Conference at Beaumont, being composed of what was discussed at it, together with subsequent thought and research stimulated by it." - Preface. "Explores most of the relevant areas of scientific thought, in terms of the rowing situation, with the object of providing insight into the problems that situation poses; insight based on a sound foundation of knowledge of the behaviour of water, boat, oarsman and his eqiupment." - dust jacket. Name atop front free endpaper, othe... continua a leggere
  20. Thumb_ukrainian-text-book-textbook-beginners-7500aa0b-b5e0-4aa7-aad9-155fcba7eeae
    • Libreria: RareNonFiction.com (Canada)
    • Note Bibliografiche: 352 pages. Text in English and Ukrainian. "An elementary course in modern Ukrainian. Designed for beginners who will study under the guidance of a teacher. May also be used by students who study independently. Aims to teach students to read and write in Ukrainian, to understand modern Ukrainian fiction, newspapers and magazines, and to carry on simple conversations." - Preface. No dust jacket. presumably as issued. Book clean with light wear to publisher's light brown cloth decorated in red and black. Binding intact. A quality copy. 22 x 18cm. continua a leggere


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