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RareNonFiction.com (Canada)

Rare Non-Fiction Books and Vintage Magazines

Full-time specialists in rare non-fiction books and vintage magazines since 2001.  Your purchase will be carefully packed in a sturdy new carton and shipped with tracking and full insurance.  Member of IOBA.  

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  • Libreria: rarenonfiction.com (canada)
  1. Thumb_omemee-mississauga-camp-site-ontario-village-81e4170b-81a5-4e5c-9a1c-7c3a4e723e43
    • A.D. NEWSON CO. LTD., 1968
    • Libreria: RareNonFiction.com (Canada)
    • Note Bibliografiche: xii, 336 pp. Printed upon glossy stock. Many black and white reproductions of archival photos. Index. Map endpapers. Publisher's dark blue cloth attractively illustrated and lettered in silver. "A record of the development of the village. Topics include: Early Settlers, Old Houses, Shops and Shopkeepers, The School, The Churches, Public Houses, Medical Doctors, Industries, Sports and Entertainment, Municipal Government, and Local Minstrelsy - including three poems by Miss Mary Jane Morton." - dust jacket. Book clean and unmarked with light wear. Binding tight. Moderate wear to dust jacket n... continua a leggere
  2. Thumb_bunch-grass-barbed-wire-just-little-south-kamloops-5d0b5f67-5c01-45da-9fe9-ea91a4e2b108
    • Libreria: RareNonFiction.com (Canada)
    • Note Bibliografiche: xii, 226 pages. "A compilation of stories and photos of the early years in the area immediately south of Kamloops, British Columbia." - Introduction. Excellent map endpapers indicate locations of original homesteaders, 1900-1915, and locations of ranchers in 1960. Extensively illustrated with black and white reproductions of photos. Clean, bright and unmarked with very light wear to publisher's illustrated saffron cloth. An excellent copy. 29 x 22cm. Hale & Barman 784. continua a leggere
  3. Thumb_legend-langley-account-early-history-fort-1eab9e2a-0e06-4454-9324-0139ce39042d
    • Libreria: RareNonFiction.com (Canada)
    • Note Bibliografiche: vi, [2], 183 pp. Printed upon glossy stock with black and white reproductions of archival photos and illustrations. List of source material consulted. Attractive gilt decoration and lettering upon textured blue card covers. An intimate story of the lives of some of the early pioneers of the district of Langley, B.C. Chapters include: Hunting of Furs; Gold on the Fraser (River); Early Settlers; Among the Pioneers; Memories Among the Pioneers; Schools of Langley. Former genealogical library copy with its markings now removed. Binding tight. A worthy vintage copy of this excellent historical a... continua a leggere
  4. Thumb_nazi-rule-poland-2ff55c63-c100-40dc-be0a-f789e7be2354
    • Libreria: RareNonFiction.com (Canada)
    • Note Bibliografiche: x, 214 pp. Index. Foldout map. Seven black and white plates. First published in the U.S. in 1942. "Compiled under the auspices of the Research Institute for Peace and Post War Problems of the American Jewish Committee, New York. [The author] is able to lay bare every step taken by the Nazis to impose their evil will upon Poland; he describes too the resistance and underground activities of the population in opposition to the invader. Poland is being used by the Nazis as a testing ground for their scheme for a future German colonial empire in Europe. This book is of the utmost importance as ... continua a leggere
  5. Thumb_chapleau-game-preserve-history-murder-other-tales-df16c3ee-612a-45be-8922-4daa72e43f6f
    • SELF-PUBLISHED, 2004
    • Libreria: RareNonFiction.com (Canada)
    • Note Bibliografiche: Generically signed and dated by author atop first page, which also bears dabs of liquid paper. 318 pages. Several black and white reproductions of photos. Contents include: Six Murders and a Disapperance; Fur Bootlegging Trials; The New Brunswick House Indian Band; Chapleau Roads; The Indian Schools; The Fires of 1948; Historic Missanabie; The Grey Owl Conneciton; The Origin of Ontario's Trapping Laws; Shipping Sudbury's Old Folks to Chapleau; and more. Average wear and soiling. Binding intact. A sound copy of this interesting work. continua a leggere
  6. Thumb_pipps-sonnenjunge-b0d9dc0c-a3ce-4fee-bf9d-7c648da9bf40
    • CONDOR VERLAG, 1949
    • Libreria: RareNonFiction.com (Canada)
    • Note Bibliografiche: [30] pages. Text in German. Profusely illustrated in colour. Charming adventures of young boys involving many wild animals. Bit of writing inside illustrated front board. Somewhat above-average external wear. Binding intact. A worthy vintage copy. continua a leggere
  7. Thumb_behind-scenes-reichstag-sixteen-years-dc6d4eb1-da95-4a47-bb87-6a1668df807b
    • Libreria: RareNonFiction.com (Canada)
    • Note Bibliografiche: xii, 196 pages. Text in English, translated from the French. Tissue-protected frontis portrait of author, who was Ex-Deputy at the Reichstag and in the Alsace-Lorraine Chamber. Seven additional black and white plates. "The more I reflect on what I observed and heard, both at Berlin and Strassburg, the more I confess to myself that we were, with a few exceptions, stricken with blindness in not seeing the big thunder clouds (of WWI] gathering on the horizon. That is the reason why I have decided to set down whatever events in my political past seem to me to present retrospective interest." - ... continua a leggere
  8. Thumb_pageant-magazine-1956-madelyn-darrow-0c11e4ce-ab47-4277-b3ae-3ebca33d955a
    • Libreria: RareNonFiction.com (Canada)
    • Note Bibliografiche: 162 pages. Features: Great photo inside front cover features a lucky guy with one arm around Marilyn Monroe and the other around another babe (Liz Taylor?); Sex on the Job - industry's most embarrassing problem; The What, The Why, The How-To of Hypnotism; Why do some people go wacky over phonograph records?; It Takes Courage to be a Senator - by John F. Kennedy; Harvey Knox - the daddiest daddy; A Doctor Discovers the Real Miracles at Lourdes; Mental Patients - They Can Go Home Again; The ongoing argument over cancer drug Krebiozen; Tallulah Bankhead; Gaelic Park in New York City; How to Sh... continua a leggere
  9. Thumb_mapas-turisticos-provinciales-islas-canarias-aprobados-29fb0aee-824f-4c37-9e72-0d8743553fac
    • Libreria: RareNonFiction.com (Canada)
    • Note Bibliografiche: Text in Spanish. One-sided color map of the Islas Canarias. 69 x 45cm. Clean and unmarked with moderate wear. Includes tourist information. A quality vintage copy. continua a leggere
  10. Thumb_hermit-black-rock-island-verse-play-76dfc88b-e849-4ca7-8b33-e1aeba442ffc
    • SELF-PUBLISHED, 1981
    • Libreria: RareNonFiction.com (Canada)
    • Note Bibliografiche: Signed and inscribed by author inside front cover to poet Ralph Salisbury [1926-2017] Laid-in is a lengthy legal-size one-page, two-sided handwritten letter from Salerno to Salisbury. [24] page stapled booklet. Bits of brown soiling to front cover otherwise unmarked with light wear. continua a leggere
  11. Thumb_kodakery-january-1932-66e25195-bc31-4c5a-9eef-e7a2186c8b89
    • Libreria: RareNonFiction.com (Canada)
    • Note Bibliografiche: [24] page stapled magazine. 7.5" x 5.5". Generously illustrated with high-resolution black and white reprints of photos. Printed upon glossy stock. Features: Internationa Prize Winners; Album Layout; Close-ups in the Home; Winter Brings New Fields for Verichrome to Conquer; Let Your Home Pose For You. Clean and unmarked with light wear. A nice vintage copy of this 1930's photographic memento. continua a leggere
  12. Thumb_eastern-lines-airlines-1950-passenger-ticket-66229ab0-2620-43a2-8374-e74ee6190d67
    • Libreria: RareNonFiction.com (Canada)
    • Note Bibliografiche: 6.5" x 3.25" passenger ticket for a flight from Houston to Des Moines in October1950 for $61.18. Ticket consists of four pages, two of which are boiler plate text and one page containing the carbon copy of hand-written details of the traveller and her itinerary. Ticket is stored in a brightly-illustrated red, white and blue envelope featuring ads for Texaco and Mid-Continent Airlines. Light wear. A nice memento of early 1950's American passenger air travel. continua a leggere
  13. Thumb_nations-rise-again-68c7e4c5-6984-43a0-bb51-a7cca1350dd6
    • Libreria: RareNonFiction.com (Canada)
    • Note Bibliografiche: [17] pp. stapled booklet in saffron card covers. 8.75" x 6". "An album for the U.S. stamps issued for over-run nations 1943." - subtitle. "The forces of Nazism and Fascism have overwhelmed the national political existence of twelve nations of Europe, but the power that is inherent among peoples is burning fiercely, awaiting the time for the consuption of its conquerors." - [1]. Includes twelve color stamps, each devoted to an over-run nation and affixed prior to the portion of text describing the history and plight of that nation. Unmarked with light wear. A tidy copy of this fascinating WW... continua a leggere
  14. Thumb_knox-company-advertorial-booklet-pharmaceuticals-6019b6f3-4b60-4c66-ba30-4859e682572f
    • THE KNOX COMPANY, 1936
    • Libreria: RareNonFiction.com (Canada)
    • Note Bibliografiche: [36] pp stapled booklet. Many black and white illustrations and reproductions of photos. Includes advertorial content for products including Cystex (kidney detoxifier], Nixoderm [itching remedy), Dr. Nixon's Kolade Powders (colitis remedy), Dr. Nixon's Chinaroid (remedy for piles); Buroids (cure for nerves); Diotex (cure for heartburn and other G.I. maladies); and more. Presented in a newspaper-like format. Articles discuss "Social Flops" Dolores Lee and Dan, Joan Remington's Camp Fire and Round Up, Just Another Breaking Heart, Why Has Ramon Novarro Won Such Great Success, and more. Clean a... continua a leggere
  15. Thumb_iron-works-world-work-032b1932-f587-4bcd-802b-01f2749feab5
    • Libreria: RareNonFiction.com (Canada)
    • Note Bibliografiche: 79 pages. Illustrated endpapers. Color plates. Black and white photos and diagrams. Color pictorial pastedown over original illustrated boards. Undated but appears to be circa 1910. Chapters include: The Ore-Bunkers; At the Furnace-Top; At the Furnace-Foot; Slag; Pig-Iron; Cast Iron and Wrought Iron; Steel; The Bessemer Converter; The "Casting"; The Soaking-Pits; The Cogging-Mill. Dust jacket not included. Prior owner's details upon first blank leaf. Short opening between foot of frontispiece and title page. Moderate wear. A nice vintage copy of this fascinating and visually appealing snaps... continua a leggere
  16. Thumb_golf-digest-world-largest-selling-golf-magazine-decembere-3e48e8e3-8157-49c4-a0a2-6ccb3325a029
    • GOLF DIGEST, INC., 1961
    • Libreria: RareNonFiction.com (Canada)
    • Note Bibliografiche: 82 pages. Features: Gary Player - Most Improved PGA Pro; Bermuda - Golf's Treasure Island; What They Do in the Clutch; Christmas Golf Gifts; Playing Your Best in Competition - by Gary Player; Most Improved LGPA Pro Cures her 'Drop Kick'; Tall Golfers - Widen Your Stance; The Push - Causes and Cures; and much more. Black and white photos and illustrations. Printed upon glossy stock. Unmarked with above-average wear. 8.25" x 5.5". A worthy vintage copy. continua a leggere
  17. Thumb_golf-digest-world-largest-selling-golf-magazine-november-9a7562c1-41f1-412c-9f97-a346f90d6995
    • GOLF DIGEST, INC., 1961
    • Libreria: RareNonFiction.com (Canada)
    • Note Bibliografiche: 82 pages. Features: Birdies, Banters and Bucks; Guess Who (cartoon feature); Golf in Phoenix; An Approach of Mistaken Identity (fiction); Jacky's On Cue; Romack's Repartee; When in Trouble, by Gary Player, Sclaffing - Causes and Cures; Better Grip, Finish Lower Scores to 80s; and much more. Black and white photos and illustrations. Printed upon glossy stock. Unmarked with above-average wear. 8.25" x 5.5". A worthy vintage copy. continua a leggere
  18. Thumb_golf-digest-world-largest-selling-golf-magazine-october-0b210d73-bfcc-47b9-bfbb-fb004e997110
    • GOLF DIGEST, INC., 1961
    • Libreria: RareNonFiction.com (Canada)
    • Note Bibliografiche: 84 pages. Features: Nicklaus vs. Beman; Warm with Fewer garments (fashion feature); The Odds on Your Ace; Sue Dobson, Most Beautiful Golfer; Golf on Cape Cod; Putters on Parade; Clubs of Future Will Produce Lower Scores; What Starts the Backswing?; Give Your Swing a Dress Rehearsal; On the Green (Putting) by Gary Player; Topping - Causes and Cures; Color U.S. Rubber [golf ball] ad inside front cover features Ken Venturi and Bill Collins; ; and much more. Black and white photos and illustrations. Printed upon glossy stock. Unmarked with above-average wear. 8.25" x 5.5". A worthy vintage copy. continua a leggere
  19. Thumb_golf-digest-world-largest-selling-golf-magazine-september-6f780741-8aa7-4c5b-a971-443f8d08ec6d
    • GOLF DIGEST, INC., 1961
    • Libreria: RareNonFiction.com (Canada)
    • Note Bibliografiche: 80 pages. Features: Doug Ford's Million Dollar Fivesome; Ace-Shooters Set Record Pace; Sweaters to the Fore (fashion feature); Golf in the Poconos; How Gene Littler Won the U.S. Open; Pebble Beach vs. Pinehurst; Chipping and Pitching for One Putt, by Gary Player; What's Wrong Witth This Swing?; A New Look at Sam Snead's Swing; Low Takeaway Widens Swing Arc; Hooking Causes and Cures; and much more. Black and white photos and illustrations. Printed upon glossy stock. Unmarked with above-average wear. 8.25" x 5.5". A worthy vintage copy. continua a leggere
  20. Thumb_golf-digest-world-largest-selling-golf-magazine-august-5c84430c-980f-4d73-96b2-44be862c112a
    • GOLF DIGEST, INC., 1961
    • Libreria: RareNonFiction.com (Canada)
    • Note Bibliografiche: 80 pages. Features: Jay Hebert, The Golfer's Golfer; The PGA Championship Gets Bigger; Louise Suggs, the LPGA's Lone Eagler; Today's Pros Hit Longer, Putt Better; Slicing - Causes and Cures; Fairway Shots - Don't Be Greedy, by Gary Player; Put Imagination in Your Golf Game; How Clubs and Balls Have Influenced the Golf Swing (part2); The 'Sole' Way to Good Balance; and much more. Black and white photos and illustrations. Printed upon glossy stock. Unmarked with above-average wear. 8.25" x 5.5". A worthy vintage copy. continua a leggere


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