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  • Libreria: rarenonfiction.com (canada)
  1. Thumb_queen-printer-british-columbia-history-1859-2009-3deb5dad-f45d-4721-8777-6a1bd213690d
    • 2009
    • Libreria: RareNonFiction.com (Canada)
    • Note Bibliografiche: 121 pp. Black and white reproductions of archival photos. "An account of one of British Columbia's great institutions. Tells the story of how the Queen's Printer for British Columbia came to be, and reveals what exactly takes place in its landmark building at the corner of Superior and Government Streets in Victoria." - Introduction. Clean, bright and unmarked with very light wear. An excellent copy. Oblong 30 x 23cm. continua a leggere
  2. Thumb_visible-difference-1995-yearbook-fraser-academy-b260be67-a352-4d23-b040-bfb8c7046e29
  3. Thumb_prince-rupert-illustrated-history-11ed9f2b-b788-45a2-8a99-3879a59e343a
    • P.R.C.& R.A.S., 2010
    • Libreria: RareNonFiction.com (Canada)
    • Note Bibliografiche: 184 pages. "A captivating collection of 600 photographs that document over 100 years of the history of Prince Rupert, British Columbia and surrounding area." - dust jacket. Front free endpaper removed, otherwise clean, bright and unmarked with very light wear. Dust jacket now preserved in archival-grade Brodart. A quality copy of this attractively presented local history. Oblong 32 x 24cm. continua a leggere
  4. Thumb_british-columbia-historical-atlas-b19d31ed-e81f-44c4-80fd-4cceee195af3
    • Libreria: RareNonFiction.com (Canada)
    • Note Bibliografiche: 368 pages. Index. Bibliography. "Award-winning map historian Derek Hayes continues his renowned Historical Atlas series by bringing together an unprecedented collection of these contemporary maps, most previously unpublished, in a single handsome volume. You'll find surveys, treaty maps, military maps, mining maps, promotional maps, real estate maps - even maps of murder. Alongside the lively and authoritative text and an additional three hundred photos and historical documents, these maps, many of them works of art in their own right, offer a geographical visual history - a unique and fasc... continua a leggere
  5. Thumb_teekay-first-forty-years-87be5bfe-9424-47b5-9ffa-d2401e566f43
    • Libreria: RareNonFiction.com (Canada)
    • Note Bibliografiche: 212 pages. "Established in 1973, Teekay has developed from a regional shipping company into one of the world’s largest marine energy transportation, storage and production companies." - company website. "Traces the history of the company against a backdrop of the global socio-political and economic events that influenced its development to its present status in the oil trade. Pays tribute to the men and women who have made that growth possible." - dust jacket. Lavishly produced upon high quality stock with many bright colour photos. Clean, bright and unmarked with light wear. Dust jacket no... continua a leggere
  6. Thumb_ladies-home-journal-magazine-women-believe-1942-bed2bf6e-b802-4cf2-807d-182f2101178b
    • Libreria: RareNonFiction.com (Canada)
    • Note Bibliografiche: 148 pages. Charming cover illustration by Al Parker depicts mother and daughter arranging their WWII-era ration stickers. Features: War and the Standard of Living; If You Ask Me (by Eleanor Roosevelt); There Never Was a Marriage Like Yours; How America Lives: Meet Reverend & Mrs. Sanborn - Arthayer Russell and Ruth Sanborn, Jr.; "The Church Just Doesn't Think"; and "Catching" Diseases. Many articles on domesticity, fashion, decorating, food and homemaking (including recipes), short stories and poetry. Full page colour vintage print advertising for Campbell's Soup, Coca-Cola, and French's Mu... continua a leggere
  7. Thumb_life-magazine-1957-seeking-magic-mushroom-85269ae5-766a-4af6-b78c-98d341580b34
    • Libreria: RareNonFiction.com (Canada)
    • Note Bibliografiche: Contains the landmark photo essay 'Seeking the Magic Mushroom' in which New York banker Robert Gordon Wasson describes his mission to southern Mexico to participate in the age-old rituals of natives who chew strange growths that produce visions. "The mushrooms were of a species with hallucinogenic powers; that is, they cause the eater to see visions. We chewed and swallowed these acrid mushrooms, saw visions, and emerged from the experience awestruck. [We] were the first white men in recorded history to eat the divine mushrooms, which for centuries have been a secret of certain Indian peopl... continua a leggere
  8. Thumb_stalin-kampf-joseph-stalin-credo-written-himself-c570268d-40b0-40bf-9589-afc62e0b4c0b
    • Libreria: RareNonFiction.com (Canada)
    • Note Bibliografiche: xiii, [3], 17-295 pp. Eight pages of black and white photographic plates. Third printing of the 1940 first edition. "Here, in his own words, is the blueprint of Soviet ambitions, the statement of aims which explains Finland and Poland, the strange alliances and the seemingly amoral diplomacy of Russia. A startling, deeply significant drama of the iron man of Russia. Surprisingly readable and highly informative." - dust jacket. "In reading Stalin's words, it should be remembered that one of the first principles of Bolshevism as laid down by Lenin was that the end justifies the means. Therefo... continua a leggere
  9. Thumb_mcgill-1970-volume-yearbook-mcgill-university-6c5df6c9-03f6-40e9-9d00-4b6e085e8f8f
    • Libreria: RareNonFiction.com (Canada)
    • Note Bibliografiche: 392 pages. Hundreds of black and white photos including shots by Fawzy Kfoury, Bob Fisher, David Oliver, Marty Heller, J. Wiesenfeld, Bob Beckhardt and John Szechenyi. Unlike most other yearbooks of the day this one includes written contributions on contentious issues of the day, local and global. This volume dedicated to Lewis Carroll, with related illustrations. Printed upon glossy stock. Clean and unmarked with light wear to embossed brown cloth-covered boards lettered in gilt. A quality vintage copy. continua a leggere
  10. Thumb_greystone-yearbook-university-saskatchewan-cb8f4134-490d-48f0-92d9-e37eafcaf793
    • Libreria: RareNonFiction.com (Canada)
    • Note Bibliografiche: This handsomely presented WWII-era yearbook was dedicated to Winston Churchill and prominently features members of the Canadian Officers' Training Corps. Many hundreds of black and white photos. Includes list of U. of S. graduates and undergraduates on active military service - hundreds of names, including rank. Unpaginated. 30 x 23 x 3.5 cm. Includes many classy ads at back. Unmarked with average wear. Binding partially loose. A worthy vintage copy of this exceptional volume. continua a leggere
  11. Thumb_merry-christmas-songbook-9f1878f7-2e21-4b6d-b76e-77fb4c7148c1
    • READER'S DIGEST, 2007
    • Libreria: RareNonFiction.com (Canada)
    • Note Bibliografiche: New in shrinkwrap. Includes CD. 256 pages. Over 100 Holiday Classics with Lyric Booklet. A very popular traditional Christmas songbook. 12.5 x 10 inches. continua a leggere
  12. Thumb_irish-rovers-songs-that-perfectly-dacent-songbook-a524c06a-c10a-49f7-ab31-b03e5daf5393
    • Libreria: RareNonFiction.com (Canada)
    • Note Bibliografiche: 48 pages. Several black and white photos of the boys plus additional fanciful black and white illustrations. Includes melody, lyrics and chords for these 43 songs: The Unicorn; The Orange and the Green; Black Velvet Band; Nancy Whiskey; My Boy Willie; The Hiring Fair; Bonny Kellswater; The Irish Rover; Bog in the Valley-O; Pat From Mullingar; Come In; Goodbye Mrs. Durkin; Lily The Pink; Bare Legged Joe; Cold Winter Shadows; Henry Joy McCracken; Brambleshire Wood; Banks of Newfoundland; The Wind That Shakes The Corn; Penny-Whistle Peddlar; Whiskey On a Sunday; Coulter's Candy; First Love in ... continua a leggere
  13. Thumb_postcards-from-past-edwardian-images-greater-0df838a9-0d85-4240-80b3-9885818a8200
    • H.H., 1996
    • Libreria: RareNonFiction.com (Canada)
    • Note Bibliografiche: 176 pp. Index. Bibliography. Gloriously illustrated with one-page black and white reproductions of vintage photographic postcards. Printed upon glossy stock. "Allows us a nostalgic and enlightening glimpse of Vancouver and surrounding environs during its first great decade of growth, years now known as the Edwardian Era. Presents a collection of visual treats, historic anecdotes and amusing asides. As the Lower Mainland bursts forth in its latest growth explosion, this collection, complete with detail maps showing original photo sites, helps us gain a new perspective of a grand time and a m... continua a leggere
  14. Thumb_wide-33e26755-8c61-441a-a127-35a7a2634320
    • Libreria: RareNonFiction.com (Canada)
    • Note Bibliografiche: [4], 5-398 pp. "The latest in the series of books about our times which this political pilgrim began with Insanity Fair in 1938, this is the story of a journey of discovery, geographical, social and political, in America. Readers know it is Douglas Reed's theory that the war which started in 1914 still goes on, embroiling all the Western world in a grand design for the reshaping of the globe, the final failure or success of which will determine the ultimate shape of the Twentieth Century." - dust jacket. Book unmarked with respectful wear to publisher's red cloth lettered in gilt. Slight le... continua a leggere
  15. Thumb_victory-campaign-operations-north-west-europe-13fb9700-d0a3-416f-9299-49efabc772d7
    • Libreria: RareNonFiction.com (Canada)
    • Note Bibliografiche: xiii, 770 pp. Index. Footnotes. Black and white photographic plates. Many fold-out colour maps. Map endpapers. 25 x 18cm. "The third and final volume of the Official History of the Canadian Army in the Second World War. Describes in detail the Canadian Army's part in the North-West European campaign - from the invasion of France on D Day, 6 June 1944, to the final capitulation of the German forces in May 1945. Concludes with an account of the repatriation of the Canadian Army and the work of the Canadian Army Occupation Force. The product of an exhaustive investigation in Canadian, Allied a... continua a leggere
  16. Thumb_olive-sensory-science-5a6db476-160d-4a4b-aab8-4a16341b1a43
    • Libreria: RareNonFiction.com (Canada)
    • Note Bibliografiche: xx, 367 pp. Index. Graphs, tables, colour and black and white illustrations. "An invaluable resource for olive oil scientists, product development and marketing personnel on the role of sensory evaluation in relation to current and future market trends. Each chapter is dedicated to a region, looking at the geographical and climactic characteristics pertinent to olive oil production, the major regional olive cultivars, the principal olive oil styles and their attendant sensory properties." - back board. Clean and unmarked with light wear. A nice copy. continua a leggere
  17. Thumb_yachtsman-guide-dutch-waterways-including-cb7cc4ce-6124-4285-91a7-6582740ea06f
    • Libreria: RareNonFiction.com (Canada)
    • Note Bibliografiche: xiii, 158 pp. Index. 25 x 16cm. Numerous small maps in text. Fold-out maps of Amsterdam and Rotterdam Harbour. Back pocket contains a 74 x 76cm two-colour map, in very good condition, entitled Dutch Waterways which indicates 24 rivers and 265 canals. "The following notes, made at various times in view of, and in the course of, successive yachting trips to Holland during the last ten years, are put together for publication in the hope that they may prove useful to those who may contemplate similar excursions. Probably no part of Europe affords ampler opportunities of enjoyment to the yachtsm... continua a leggere
  18. Thumb_friendly-fire-secret-between-allies-68ca4fe2-5554-4226-86bb-04228f8a2faa
    • Libreria: RareNonFiction.com (Canada)
    • Note Bibliografiche: 512 pp. Index, bibliography, list of abbreviations, extensive footnotes. Eight pages of black and white photographic plates. "Explores the treachery between - and within - the nations that were ostensibly allies during the Second World War. Demonstrates the extent to which the Allied war effort was driven by vested interests, primarily concerned with the balance of power in the post-war world rather than the defeat of Germany and Japan, thus prolonging the war by as much as two years and resulting in a Europe divided between East and West, and the onset of the Cold War." - dust jacket. Form... continua a leggere
  19. Thumb_jewelry-architects-from-collection-cleto-munari-5cd4692e-f86f-4713-a689-30cf0f7f45ae
    • RIZZOLI, 1987
    • Libreria: RareNonFiction.com (Canada)
    • Note Bibliografiche: 119 pp. 179 illustrations, 107 in color. Text in English. Translated from the Italian first edition entitled Gioielli di architetti. "The modern jewelry featured in this unusual and handsome publication was commissioned by collector Cleto Munari from some of the most renowned post-modernist architects of our time. The imagery of their jewelry is a miniaturized architectural journey in itself." - dust jacket. Includes works by: Mario Bellini, Michele De Lucchi, Peter Eisenman, Michael Graves, Hans Hollein, Arata Isozaki, Richard Meier, Alessandro Mendini, Paolo Portoghesi, Peter eShire, Etto... continua a leggere
  20. Thumb_winged-wheel-patch-history-canadian-military-7ea17a28-c40c-4949-a0a9-24b565a2059a
    • Libreria: RareNonFiction.com (Canada)
    • Note Bibliografiche: 159 pp. Index. Glossary. Footnotes. Specifications. Profusely illustrated with excellent black and white reproductions of archival photos. Printed upon glossy stock. "From interviews with despatch riders from both World Wars and with those who participated in the Motorcycle Display Teams of the 1950s and 1960s, to a detailed appendix of military motorcycle specifications, this book provides readers with a firsthand view of a fascinating yet often overlooked part of Canada's military history." - dust jacket. Book clean, bright and unmarked with light wear. Binding tight. Light wear to dust j... continua a leggere


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