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  • Libreria: (canada)
  1. Thumb_years-wonder-memoir-annapolis-royal-1883-1900-678219a2-3849-410f-8d91-17bf27e47c11
    • Libreria: (Canada)
    • Note Bibliografiche: 61 pages. Black and white illustrations and reproductions of archival photos. "A rare account of boyhood in a small town 100 years ago." - subtitle. Unmarked with average wear. A sound copy. continua a leggere
  2. Thumb_sidetracked-struggle-fossils-13b2c548-1f38-4102-8646-60ae6efe25d5
    • C.P.L., 2011
    • Libreria: (Canada)
    • Note Bibliografiche: 193 pages. Index. Black and white reproductions of photos. "The fascinating tale of the discovery of the Monroe Dinosaur Trackway in Kakwa Provincial Park, weaving in stories of other fossil finds in British Columbia and across North America, many of which demonstrate how egos, turf wars and a lack of resources diminish the science of paleontology." - back cover. Clean, bright and unmarked with light wear. A quality copy. continua a leggere
  3. Thumb_coloring-book-2b9fdfbf-0c2e-4ab8-b982-003fed718ddf
    • THE SAALFIELD PUB. CO., 1937
    • Libreria: (Canada)
    • Note Bibliografiche: Sally and Tommy play a game of I Spy with their friends. 16 unnumbered pages, each with its own black and white illustration, five of which have been neatly crayoned. Light wear. An attractive copy of this lovely vintage coloring book. continua a leggere
    • STORY MAGAZINE, INC., 1938
    • Libreria: (Canada)
    • Note Bibliografiche: First appearance of this prescient series of fictional letters, spanning sixteen months between 1932 and 1934, between a Jewish art dealer in San Francisco and his gentile business partner who has returned to Germany in the formative years of the Nazi regime. Simon & Schuster published the first book edition in 1939 and a film noir version followed in 1944. Subsequent stage play performances have continued globally until recent years. The magnum opus of Kathrine Kressmann Taylor [1903-1996], she was assigned the nom de plume Kressman Taylor by her husband and Story's editor Whit Burnett who... continua a leggere
  4. Thumb_mirrors-guide-manufacture-mirrors-reflecting-23fe10b7-7668-46da-af5c-c7cfc95efcf1
    • Libreria: (Canada)
    • Note Bibliografiche: xix, [3], 3-243 pages. Appendices, Patents Index, Name Index, and Subject Index. Black and white diagrams and reproductions of photos. "Written for all who are interested in mirrors; the manufacturer, his manager and his apprentice, for the practical experimentalist and, perhaps, even for the scientist and explorer of present and future possibilities. Part I provides a short survey of the whole field. Part II goes into detail, beginning with a brief history of mirrors and a fairly comprehensive description of all the silvering processes at present employed in the mirror and related industri... continua a leggere
  5. Thumb_lumberjack-5cfa4445-f008-401c-8a97-ee2d6ae206b9
    • Libreria: (Canada)
    • Note Bibliografiche: Signed, without inscription, by William Kurelek upon title page. Stated first printing. "As a young man Kurelek [1927-1977] signed up as a lumberjack in the Canadian bush. Here he has drawn on his memories and experiences and in detailed text and 25 stunning full-color paintings he describes a way of life that has virtually disappeared. Here we see how the lumberjack used his tools to fell trees, buck the wood, and pile it into cords. Each man was paid for his own work, so more often than not he worked alone. However, there was a hearty camaraderie when the men returned to camp in the eveni... continua a leggere
  6. Thumb_engineering-consent-872db4dd-8abd-4dbe-b34b-750d7cdbd5da
    • Libreria: (Canada)
    • Note Bibliografiche: ix, [3], 3-246 pages. Index. Third printing of the 1955 first edition. "A well-planned public relations program, says Edward L. Bernays, U.S. Publicist Number 1, is executed in accordance with scientific principles. This book is based on the findings of social scientists, whose dispassionate approach and methods may be likened to those of the engineering professions... A systematic presentation of the principal organizational problems in any public relations undertaking." - dust jacket. Light wear to publisher's navy blue cloth. Tight and square. Prior owner's name and faint erasure atop fr... continua a leggere
  7. Thumb_riddle-medical-social-aspects-love-4ae6f107-1824-4197-9cf5-766a7fdc3cf7
    • GOLD LABEL BOOKS, INC., 1930
    • Libreria: (Canada)
    • Note Bibliografiche: xvii, [3], 3-362 pages. Index and footnotes. "A noted physician gives answers to the intimate questions you hesitate to ask even a doctor - sexual diet in marriage; hygiene of sex; abnormalities; sexual causes of nervous troubles; impotentia; frigidity; birth control, etc." - dust jacket. "If Americans know what is good for them they will buy a million copies of this book." - Dr. Harry Elmer Barnes. Third printing of the 1929 first edition. Very light wear to publisher's biege cloth adorned in blue. Tight and square. Prior owner's blind stamp upon title page and page 353. Light wear to attr... continua a leggere
    • Libreria: (Canada)
    • Note Bibliografiche: viii, 297 pages. 1933 First printing of this abridged American edition. "A significant historical document, in which the leader of a successful revolution, the actual head of a great European state, tells the story of his life, traces the growth of his social, economic, and political philosophy, and states both his aims and his methods." - iii. "The reading of this book is a duty for all who would understand the fantastic era in which we live, and particularly is it the duty of all who cherish freedom, democracy and the liberal spirit. Let us know what it is that challenges our civilization... continua a leggere
  8. Thumb_hitler-table-talk-1941-private-conversations-bf8c757f-4782-4d2c-9b99-4ad450383f0d
    • Libreria: (Canada)
    • Note Bibliografiche: 746 pages. Index. "This extraordinary document, which has for many years been unobtainable, presents the authentic record of the secret conversations at Hitler's headquarters from July 1941 to November 1944, taken down on Martin Bormann's instructions. The most significant record of Hitler's mind and character in existence." - dust jacket. "A most remarkable addition to our background knowledge of the Nazi era... undoubtedly authentic... fascinating reading." - Chester Wilmot. Unmarked with light wear to publisher's coarse brown cloth. Binding tight. Moderate wear to price-clipped dust jack... continua a leggere
  9. Thumb_escape-honour-gripping-true-story-hans-nutt-48fe3ea6-4341-4338-9ec2-daca2286b92e
    • Libreria: (Canada)
    • Note Bibliografiche: 241 pages. Black and white photographic plates. "A unique account of the life of Hans Nutt, a young anti-Nazi German whose wartime career ranged from concentration camp prisoner to French Resistance worker to British spy." Book clean, bright and unmarked with light wear. Average wear to dust jacket which is now preserved in archival-grade Brodart. A sound copy. Enser p.77. continua a leggere
  10. Thumb_freshwater-molluscs-canada-fbb5c591-038d-4176-b088-2bda5ddb64d9
    • Libreria: (Canada)
    • Note Bibliografiche: 446 pages. Glossary, References, Index to Scientific and Common Names. Generously illustrated with black and white reproductions of photos. Sixteen pages of colour plates. An identification handbook for collectors. Prior owner's ink stamp and handwritten date atop half-title page otherwise very clean and unmarked with light wear. Binding partially open at last page. A worthy copy of this excellent reference. continua a leggere
  11. Thumb_meet-chateau-legacy-memory-316da4b8-1cf0-4361-a325-9adb41c269d9
    • Libreria: (Canada)
    • Note Bibliografiche: x, 198 pages. Footnotes. Index. Generously illustrated with black and white reproductions of wonderful archival photos. "Much of the unwritten history of Canada happened within the imposing walls of the familiar national landmark known as the Chateau Laurier Hotel. Since 1912, Ottawa's grande dame has always been an integral part of the power and the mystique that permeates the heady atmosphere on Parliament Hill. The legacy of this residence, international meeting place, social centre, and place for friends to meet has been warmly documented here by Joan Rankin." - back cover. Unmarked wit... continua a leggere
  12. Thumb_bibliography-writings-winston-churchill-1bd3efd3-6511-4650-bc52-d42ea184d8fa
    • THOEMMES, 2006
    • Libreria: (Canada)
    • Note Bibliografiche: The product of twenty-five years of meticulous research, this essential Churchillian bibliography exhaustively covers thousands of books, pamphlets, leaflets, speeches, letters, and more. All three volumes new, unread and individually shrinkwrapped. 25 x 17.5 x 13cm. 4.2kg. continua a leggere
  13. Thumb_camp-saints-d1fc0598-1c21-457e-9294-b93d900d7264
    • Libreria: (Canada)
    • Note Bibliografiche: 311 pages. First English printing of the 1973 French first edition. "A chilling novel about the end of the white world." - dust jacket. "The 'Brave New World' of the 70's. I am still haunted by the drama and suspense and horror of that armada!" - Germaine Bree. "Takes on a whole cluster of polemical issues - over-population, race, the Third World, and the character of liberal thought and sentiment." - Max Lerner. Somewhat above-average wear. Spine leaning. Usual library markings. Clear plastic laminate over dust jacket. continua a leggere
  14. Thumb_checkmate-north-axis-planned-invade-america-cfa3113b-11f3-4531-a21d-f848f001cb5c
    • Libreria: (Canada)
    • Note Bibliografiche: [12], 304 pages. 21.3 x 14 cm. Reprint of the 1944 first edition. Seventeen pages of black and white photographic plates. World War II required the United Nations to prepare for the threatened invasion of the American continent by the Axis Powers. Careful study indicated the Nazi timing of this invasion was the early winter of 1941-42. So confident in this plan were the Nazi Storm Troopers that German prisoners of war, landing at a port in the St. Lawrence from England in 1940, were convinced they would soon be released by air-borne troops and armed again to assist in the plan of Nazi invas... continua a leggere
  15. Thumb_stretcher-bearers-double-history-fifth-b74e25c2-4488-4642-9b26-2a873878d036
    • Libreria: (Canada)
    • Note Bibliografiche: [8], 315, [13] pages. Black and white photographic plates. Eight maps on seven fold-outs. Roll of Honor. Nominal Roll. "A candid presentation of the human side of our experiences - highlighting the humorous incidents and skipping over, for the most part, the darker side of the war. We hope that those who read the book may recapture some of that wonderful spirit which then existed among us; and we use soldier language in order to stimulate the rousing of that spirit." - Introduction. Heavy wear to publisher's gilt-adorned navy blue cloth. Hinges open. Openings along backstrip. Undated but tw... continua a leggere
  16. Thumb_history-zionism-1600-1918-volume-only-e87befe0-5c48-4896-9f92-56c7ff0521c5
    • Libreria: (Canada)
    • Note Bibliografiche: Please note that we are offering volume I only. lii, 313 pages. Includes thirty-eight black and white portraits and illustrations. "In this work an attempt is made to deal with a considerable portion of the history of Zionism that has hitherto been very imperfectly explored, namely, the origin and development of the Zionist idea principally in England, and partly in France, during the last centuries, among Gentiles and Jews." - Preface. Former library copy with usual markings. Rebound in teal buckram. Binding sound. A worthy working copy of this excellent reference. continua a leggere
  17. Thumb_barbed-wire-ballads-bbe5cec3-3877-4dae-8a42-2343d174d40c
    • Libreria: (Canada)
    • Note Bibliografiche: 62 pages. Presents thirty-one ballads penned by a Canadian prisoner of war in Germany's Oflag VII/B during WWII " the belief that they may be of some interest to the folks in Canada, and that our friends at home may get some inkling of the things we do and the things we think about behind the old barbed wire." - page 3. Ominous cover art depicts large Nazi boot treading on silhouette of POW behind barbed wire. Reproduction of the author's POW photo on page 6. Photo of the Pipe Band of Oflag VII/B on page 30 includes Brigadier W. Southam (Canada). Sketch of Oflag VII-B on page 62. Dedic... continua a leggere
  18. Thumb_latin-canadian-schools-db5710b4-ba94-49d1-8a2c-80c07170080c
    • Libreria: (Canada)
    • Note Bibliografiche: 611 pages. Index. 1962 Reprint of the 1958 first edition. Contains 82 lessons intended to be covered in grades 10 through 12. Former school copy with usual markings. Binding sound. Somewhat above-average wear and soiling to black and yellow illustrated boards. A worthy working copy. continua a leggere


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