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Full list of titles: 1. A Sweet & Sour Romance: A Twinkie's Defense by Giovanni Vitacolonna (First Edition, 1982); 2. Banged Up by Jack Dickson (2 Copies: First Edition, 1999); 3. Ice Wind and Fire by Mel Keegan (2 Copies: First Edition, 1990); 4. Fortunes of War by Mel Keegan (First Edition, 1995); 5. Male Rape: Breaking the Silence on the Last Taboo by Richie J. McMullen (First Edition, 1990); 6. Danny Hill: Memoirs of a Prominent Gentleman (1987); 7. The Beat by Simon Payne (First Edition, 1985); 8. The Linguist by Sebastian Beaumont (2 copies: First Edition, 2000); 9. Adam by Anthony McDonald (2 Copies: First and Second Printing, 2003-2004); 10. Enchanted Boy by Richie McMullen (Second Printing, 1991); 11. Almost One by Alex Hirst (First Edition, 1985); 12. The Blue Star by Robert Ferro (First British Edition, 1987); 13. State of Independence by Robert Farrar (First Edition, 1993); 14. Young Men at War by Noel Currer-Briggs (First Edition, 1996); 15. Spiked by W. Stephen Gilbert (First Edition, 1991); 16. Parallel Lives by Peter Burton (First Edition, 1985); 17. Corydon by Andre Gide, translated and introduced by Richard Howard (1985); 18. In Memory of Angel Clare by Christopher Bram (1991); 19. The Singalong Tribe by Kent Ashford (First Edition, 1986); 20. Aquamarine by Mel Keegan (First Edition, 2000); 21. Doing Business by Jeremy Beadle (First Edition, 1990); 22. The Living One by Lewis Gannett (2 Copies: 1993); 23. Growing Pains by Mike Seabrook (First Edition, 1999); 24. A Summer's Exile by Andre Gould (2 copies: First Edition, 1996); 25. Full Circle by Mike Seabrook (First Edition, 1997); 26. Unholy Ghosts by Richard Zimler (First Edition, 1996); 27. Terre Haute by Will Aitken (First British Edition, 1990); 28. Alienation by Ian Everton (First Edition, 1982); 29. In the Purely Pagan Sense by John Lehmann (1989); 30. Jack & Jamie Go To War by Jack Robinson (First Edition, 1988); 31. That Other Realm of Freedom by Barry Nonweiler (First Edition, 1983); 32. Eustace Chisolm and the Works by James Purdy (1984); 33. A Room in Chelsea Square by Michael Nelson (1986); 34. Jack the Modernist by Robert Gluck (First British Edition, 1986); 35. Breakfast in Bedlam by Kim Carlson (First Edition, 1991); 36. Conduct Unbecoming by Mike Seabrook (Second Printing, 1992); 37. Foolish Fire by Guy Willard (First Edition, 1999); 38. Some Kind of Love by Jack Dickson (First Edition, 2002); 39. Kingfisher Weather by Paul Binding (First Edition, 1989); 40. The Naked Anarchist by Lluis Fernandez, translation by Dominic Lutyens (First British Edition, 1990); 41. Love Sucks by Ken Shakin (First Edition, 1997); 42. Puppies by John Valentine (1988); 43. Memory Touches Memory by John Lee Weldon (First Edition, 1989); 44. Red by Richard James (First Edition, 2002); 45. Enchanted Youth by Richie McMullen (First Edition, 1990); 46. Marrying Tom by Joseph Geraci (First Edition, 2001); 47. Unnatural Relations by Mike Seabrook (First Edition, 1989); 48. The Coward Does it With a Kiss by Rohase Piercy (First Edition, 1990); 49. Drifters by Tom Wakefield (First Edition, 1984); 50. Fellow Travellers by T. C. Worsley (1984); 51. Towards Democracy by Edward Carpenter (1985); 52. Out of Bounds by Mike Seabrook (First Edition, 1992); 53. Billy's Brother by Kenneth Martin (First Edition, 1989); 54. Addictions by Laurence Brown (First Edition, 2000); 55. Air From Other Planets by Andrew Clements (First Edition, 2000); 56. Some Boys by Michael Davidson (1988); 57. The Firewalkers by Francis King (1985); 58. My Dearest Holmes: A Recently Discovered Memoir by John H. Watson, M.D. by Rohase Piercy (First Edition, 1988); 59. A Friendship of Convenience by Rufus Gunn (First Edition, 1997); 60. Ulster Alien by Stephen Birkett (First Edition, 1999); 61. The Butterfly Boy by Richard Cawley (First Edition, 2000); 62. Spontaneous Combustion by David B. Feinberg (1992); 63. Death Scene: Thirteen Songs for Guy by Jeremy Beadle (First Edition, 1988); 64. Messer Rondo by Stephen Airey & Other Stories by Gay Men (First Edition, 1983); 65. Fatal Shadows by Josh Lanyon (First Edition, 2000); 66. Mates by Tom Wakefield (First Edition, 1983); 67. Storm Tide by Mel Keegan (First Edition, 1996); 68. Orange Bitter, Orange Sweet by Anthony McDonald (First Edition, 2001); 69. The Novice by Timothy Ireland (First Edition, 1988). 75 Volumes in total. Size: 23cm x 15cm. Set is in Good to Very Good condition. Minor to moderate shelf and edge wear to covers. Minor to moderate foxing and soiling. Signatures, book plates, stickers, and stamps from previous owners and booksellers on some titles. Some volumes contain minor marks and annotations in pencil. Shipped Weight: 19.05 kilos.

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