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Spevack, Marvin, Michael Steppat And Marga Munkelt (Eds.)

Antony and Cleopatra. A New Variorum Edition of Shakespeare.

The Modern Language Association of America, 1990., 1990

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(Berlin, Alemania)
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Año de publicación
Spevack, Marvin, Michael Steppat And Marga Munkelt (Eds.)
The Modern Language Association of America, 1990.
XXXVI, 885 p. Hardcover.
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lediglich leichte Gebrauchsspuren am Einband, sonst ein sehr sauberes Exemplar ohne Anstreichungen / only slight signs of usage on the cover, otherwise a clean copy without markings. - CONTENTS Acknowledgments xi Plan of the Work xiii Chronology of Important Events xxxv Map: The Roman Empire xxxvii ANTONY AND CLEOPATRA: Text, Textual Notes, and Commentary Appendix Emendations of Accidentals in Fl Conjectural Emendations The Text The First Folio Text of Antony and Cleopatra (1623) The Composition of Fl Some Features of the Printed Text Press-Variants in Fl The Copy for Fl The Date of Composition Sources, Influences, and Analogues Major Sources and Influences Plutarch The Life of Marcus Antonius and The Comparison of Demetrius with Antonius (1579) Goulart The Life of Octavius Cassar Augustus (1602) Appian The Romanes Wanes (1578) Pembroke Antonius (1592) Daniel The Tragedie of Cleopatra (1594) A Letter from Octavia to Marcus Antonius (1599) Other Sources, Influences, and Analogues Dramatic Versions Classical Works Medieval Works fnd the Bible Renaissance Works Criticism General Assessments Genre Tragedy Historical Play Roman Play Tragedy and Comedy Other Categories Themes and Significance Illicit Passion Transcendent Love Moral Ambiguity, Dialectical Tension, Paradox Myth and Archetype Drame a Clef Other Themes Technique Structure Language and Style Characters Agrippa Antony Charmian and Iras Cleopatra Clown Decretas Dolabella Enobarbus Eros Lepidus Menas Menecrates Octavia Octavius Philo and Demetrius Pompey Proculeius Scarus Soothsayer Thidias Ventidius Antony and Cleopatra on the Stage The Text The Versions Reshaping the Play Performances First Attempts Stage, Setting, Text The Actors Later Adaptations Staging the Monument Scenes at the Globe Antony�s Death Cleopatra�s Capture Conclusion Bibliography Index. ISBN 9780873522861