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( Various )

Brochures and Catalogues of Wireless Apparatus and Components from the 1920s and Wireless Booklets (eBook, pdf files su CD-ROM)

Various, 1920

10,00 €

Science Books (London, Reino Unido)
Cerrado hasta 22 de abril de 2024.

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( Various )
radio, wireless, crystal sets, valve sets, broadcasting, radiodiffusione, ricevitori a galena


over 800pp tot. NB: please note that the item offered is NOT the original physical book or catalogue; it is an e-book consisting of a CD-ROM disc containing readable files in PDF format. Please also note that the disc does not contain video or audio files and will not play on a home CD/DVD player. Imperfect scanning of one catalogue due to its binding resulting in minimal cut on inner margin of few pages, otherwise complete and general good readability, with a faint diagonal watermark in the foreground on the pages. A selection of scarce catalogues and brochures. Now expanded with a second part added with more catalogues (e.g. C.A.C. Radio Ltd, Electradix and Marconiphone-Sterling) and including literature on crystal receivers. Profusely illustrated by pictures of wireless sets, accessories and components, most catalogues including price information. Even with its imperfect scanning process and the minor defects of the original material, this ebook will be valuable to any antique radio collector or enthusiast, giving a wealth of information on the wireless sets and accessories available to the listeners and amateurs in those golden days of broadcasting.