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Faber, Monika And Janos Frecot (Eds.)

Portraits of an age : photography in Germany and Austria 1900 - 1938 ; [Exhibition Portraits of an Age, Neue Galerie New York: March 11 - June 6, 2005, Albertina, Vienna: July 6 - October 16, 2005]. Pref. by Ren�Price and Klaus Albrecht Schr�der. Ed. by Monika Faber and Janos Frecot. Neue Galerie, Museum for German and Austrian Art, New York ; Albertina. [Transl.: Kathleen Knaus .].

Ostfildern-Ruit : Hatje Cantz Verlag, 2005., 2005

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(Berlin, Alemania)
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Faber, Monika And Janos Frecot (Eds.)
Ostfildern-Ruit : Hatje Cantz Verlag, 2005.
174 S. : sehr zahlr. Illustr. ; 30 cm; fadengeh. Orig.-Pappband m. illustr. OUmschlag.
Deutschland, Portr�otografie, Geschichte 1900-1938, Photographie, Ausstellung, New York, �terreich, Fotografie
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Gutes Exemplar; Umschlag stw. gering berieben. - Englisch. - Around 1900 portrait photography freed itself from the dictates of painting and the latter's representational function. The photographer's dialogue with his models determined the makeup of a picture. Portraits in Germany and Austria eloquently attested to the middle-class's evolving definition of self while powerfully demonstrating the rise of photography as an independent artistic force. The salon portrait, with its refined and elaborate composition, slowly transformed itself. A new sense of individuality and spontaneity began coming to the fore as early as the fin de siecle. Yet it was the trauma of World War I that brought about a truly undreamt-of radicalization of the human portrait: extreme close-ups, experimentation with light and shadow, and the game of ever-changing masks. In the eight chapters of this volume, the authors delve into the various factors that shaped portrait photography from the turn of the century to shortly before the outbreak of World War II. In this arc from individual to typical expression, they explore the question of the end of a tradition as well as the problems inherent in the fascist idea of an archetypal "face of the people." A number of self-portraits are then considered from the vantage point of the photographers themselves. With its nearly 130 portraits by over 45 photographers, this book offers a splendid panorama of the development of portrait photography in Germany and Austria in the first three decades of the 20th century. (Verlagstext) / INHALT : PREFACE ---- Renee Price and Klaus Albrecht Schroder ---- REMARKS ON THE HISTORY OF PHOTOGRAPHY IN GERMANY AND AUSTRIA ---- Janos Frecot ---- A GRAND FINALE AND OFF INTO THE BLUE: TWO ERAS REFLECTED IN PORTRAIT PHOTOGRAPHY ---- Monika Faber ---- FIN DE SIECLE ---- Monika Faber ---- INDIVIDUAL EXPRESSION ---- Monika Faber ---- THE PORTRAIT: END OF A TRADITION ---- Monika Faber ---- DAS VOLKSGESICHT: THE FACE OF A PEOPLE ---- Janos Frecot ---- THE FASHION OF DISGUISE ---- Elisabeth Moortgat ---- SNAPSHOTS ---- Janos Frecot ---- CLOSE-UPS ---- Monika Faber ---- SELF-PORTRAITS ---- Janos Frecot ---- BIOGRAPHIES ---- Christina Hunter ---- BIBLIOGRAPHY ---- INDEX ---- LENDERS. ISBN 9783775715645