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Sandler, Joseph And Frances H. Gitelson (Eds.)

The International Journal of Psycho-Analysis Volume 62, 1981. 4 parts. and Bulletin of the International Psycho-Analytical Association.

London: Balliere, Tindall & Cassell., 1981., 1981

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Año de publicación
Sandler, Joseph And Frances H. Gitelson (Eds.)
London: Balliere, Tindall & Cassell., 1981.
138, - 258, - 378, - 502 S. Originalbroschur.
Zeitschrift, International Psycho-Analytical Association
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altersgem�sehr guter Zustand - CONTENTS OF VOLUME 62 -- ANSCOMBE, R. Referring to the unconscious: a philosophical critique of Schafer's action language -- BASCH, M. F. Psychoanalytic interpretation and cognitive transformation . BERMAN, E. Multiple personality: psychoanalytic perspectives -- DARE, C. and HOLDER, A. Developmental aspects of the interaction between -- narcissism, self-esteem and object relations -- DEUTSCH, H. Two cases of induced insanity. With an introduction by ROAZEN, P -- DUNCAN, D. A thought on the nature of psychoanalytic theory -- EIGEN, M. The area of faith in Winnicott, Lacan and Bion -- FAYEK, A. Narcissism and the death instinct -- FRASER, J. T. Temporal levels and reality testing -- FREEMAN, T. The pre-psychotic phase and its reconstruction in schizophrenic and paranoic psychoses -- HAGGLUND, T.-B. The final stage of the dying process -- HOLDER, A. See DARE, C. -- KLEIN, M. and TRIBICH, D. Kernberg's object-relations theory: a critical evaluation -- LANGS, R. Modes of 'cure' in psychoanalysis and psychoanalytic psychotherapy -- LAUFER, M. Adolescent breakdown and the transference neurosis -- LAPLANCHE, J. A metapsychology put to the test of anxiety . -- LAYLAND, W. R. In search of a loving father -- LIMENTANI, A. On some positive aspects of the negative therapeutic reaction . MACKAY, N. Melanie Klein's metapsychology: phenomenological and mechanistic perspective -- MANCIA, M. On the beginning of mental life in the foetus -- MANCIA, M. and MELTZER, D. Ego ideal functions and the psychoanalytical process -- MELTZER, D. See MANCIA, M. -- MELTZER, D. The Kleinian expansion of Freud's metapsychology -- MODELL, A. H. Does metapsychology still exist? -- MYERSON, P. G. The nature of the transactions that enhance the progressive phases of a psychoanalysis -- O'SHAUGHNESSY, E. A clinical study of a defensive organization -- PARKIN, A. Repetition, mourning and working through -- RAYNER, E. Infinite experiences, affects and the characteristics of the unconscious -- RENIK, O. Rain and the urge to urinate: clinical observations concerning external events, surmounted impulses and repression -- RIESENBERG MALCOLM, R. Technical problems in the analysis of a pseudo- compliant patient -- ROAZEN, P. See DEUTSCH, H. -- ROTHSTEIN, A. The ego: an evolving construct -- SCHWARTZ, F. Psychic structure -- SEGEL, N. P. Narcissism and adaptation to indignity -- SILBER, A. A tic, a dream and the primal scene -- SPENCE, D. P. Psychoanalytic competence -- STEWART, H. The technical use, and experiencing, of dreams -- THORNER, H. Notes on the desire for knowledge -- THORNER, H. Either/Or. A contribution to the problem of symbolization and sublimation -- TRIBICH, D. See KLEIN, M.