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Sandler, Joseph And Frances H. Gitelson (Eds.)

The International Journal of Psycho-Analysis Volume 67, 1986. 4 parts. and Bulletin of the International Psycho-Analytical Association.

London: Balliere, Tindall & Cassell., 1986., 1986

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Sandler, Joseph And Frances H. Gitelson (Eds.)
London: Balliere, Tindall & Cassell., 1986.
130, - 266, - 396, - 532 S. Originalbroschur.
Zeitschrift, International Psycho-Analytical Association
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altersgem�sehr guter Zustand - CONTENTS OF VOLUME 67 -- ABEND, S. M. & PORDER, M. S. Identification in the neuroses -- ADAMS-SILVAN, A. The active and passive fantasy of rape as a specific determinant in a case of acrophobia -- ANTHI, P. R. Non-verbal behaviour and body organ fantasies. Their relation to body image formation and symptomatology -- ANZIEU, D. The place of Germanic language and culture in Freud's discovery of psychoanalysis between 1895 and 1900 -- ARLOW, J. A. Discussion of papers by Dr McDougall and Dr Glasser. Panel on identification in the perversions -- ATHANASSIOU, C. A study of the vicissitudes of identification in twins -- BARDARACCO, J. E. G. Identification and its vicissitudes in the psychoses. The importance of the concept of the 'maddening object' -- BLUM, H. P. On identification and its vicissitudes -- BRENNER, I. & KESTENBERG, J. S. Children who survived the holocaust -- BROWNE, N. D. F. Some enuretic derivatives in an adult analysis -- COHEN, J. & KINSTON, W. Primal repression: clinical and theoretical aspects -- ECKSTAEDT, A. Two complementary cases of identification involving 'Third Reich' fathers EICKHOFF, F.-W. Identification and its vicissitudes in the context of the Nazi phenomenon FILHO, G. V. Vicissitudes of identification as observed in character pathology -- GLASSER, M. Identification as observed in the perversions -- GRUBRICH-SIMITIS, I. Reflections on Sigmund Freud's relationship to the German language and to some German-speaking authors of the enlightenment -- HAMILTON, N. G. Positive projective identification -- HINZE, E. The influence of historical events on psychoanalysis: a case history -- KERNBERG, O. F. Identification and its vicissitudes as observed in psychosis -- KESTENBERG, J. S. See BRENNER, I. -- KINSTON, W. See COHEN, J. -- KLEIN, H. and KOGAN, I. Identification processes and denial in the shadow of Nazism -- KOGAN, I. See KLEIN, H. -- KRAMER, S. Identification and its vicissitudes as observed in children: a developmental approach -- LAUFER, M. Adolescence and psychosis -- LEAO, I. C. Identification and its vicissitudes as observed in adolescence -- LESTER, E. P. and NOTMAN, M. T. Pregnancy, developmental crisis and object relations: psychoanalytic considerations -- LIMENTANI, A. Variations on some Freudian themes -- McDOUGALL, J. Identifications, neoneeds and neosexualities -- McINTOSH, D. The ego and the self in the thought of Sigmund Freud -- MATEU, P. F. Identification and its vicissitudes, as observed in the neuroses -- NOTMAN, M. T. See LESTER, E. P. -- O'SHAUGHNESSY, E. A 3-year-old boy's melancholic identification with an original object -- OSTOW, M. The psychodynamics of apocalyptic: discussion of papers on identification and the Nazi phenomenon -- PARSONS, M. Suddenly finding it really matters: the paradox of the analyst's non-attachment -- PINES, D. Working with women survivors of the holocaust: affective experiences in transference and countertransference -- PORDER, M. S. See ABEND, S. M. -- ROSENFELD, D. Identification and its vicissitudes in relation to the Nazi phenomenon -- SALING, M. & SOLMS, M. On psychoanalysis and neuroscience: Freud's attitude to the localizationist tradition -- SILVERMAN, M. A. Identification in healthy and pathological character formation -- SOLMS, M. See SALING, M. -- TICHO, E. A. The influence of the German-language culture on Freud's thought -- ZIENTS, A. B. Identification and its vicissitudes as observed in adolescence: object loss and identification.