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How to become a Seller on Maremagnum

All Bookshops and Publishers can become sellers on Maramagnum by uploading their catalogue(s). Membership is not open to private users, but only to professionals with a VAT number.
To sign up to the site, simply click on Sell with us, choose the type of user (Booksellers or Publishers) and enter the requested data. Once the first file to be processed has been received, the account will be activated and the books put online.

Sellers' Contract

The current contract is the on-line contract and implies acceptance of the terms and conditions. Maremagnum may  make changes to the online contract, notifying the member bookshops by e-mail.

Read the contract for bookshops Click here

How to upload a catalogue?

The inventory must be in electronic format. If you do not have an electronic version of the inventory, Maremagnum offers the free classification software MareMagnumPro, designed specifically for the book business and perfectly compatible with our system. If you already have a list of books or the bookshop prefers to use its own classification system, we can set up a customized conversion to manage the format already in use. Maremagnum, in fact, supports different formats, such as Homebase, Filemaker, Booktrakker, Livre-Rare-Book, Excel...

In order for the inventory to be successfully uploaded online, it is still essential that it meets some of the basic minimum requirements for our system
- the data must be delimited by tabs, tilde (~) or pipe (|) and must be saved as a text file (.txt). Once you have decided which format to use, it is necessary that this format remains the same for all future update files.
- if you use a book identification code, this code must be a unique numeric or alphanumeric code for each item and not to be reassigned when a book is sold. Re-assign a code can cause errors in the receipt of orders placed by customers. If there is any doubt that a book code may already have been used previously, it is recommended to start a new numbering, for example by preceding a letter to the numbers.
- Once you have decided how many fields to use, this number must always remain the same for all books. For example, if you decide to use 11 fields, then all book lists must contain 11 fields, even if some books contain empty fields without information.

Here you can download an Excel form to fill in and send us:

Inventory format for Bookshops

Inventory format for Publishers

Payment methods

Payment methods are:

Credit Card
Bank Transfer
Library/Professional Bookshop1
Carta del Docente/Bonus 18App2
Cash on delivery (optional)

1 Payment in arrears 60 days after receipt of books
2 Payment delayed to approx. 30 days by Miur: Ministero dell'istruzione, dell'università e della ricerca.

Shipping methods

Bookshops set their own shipping costs: these costs vary depending on the location of the bookshop and the shipping method used.

On Maremagnum it is required that bookshops ship using secure and traceable shipping methods (such as, for example, registered mail, courier).

All bookshops may use their own shipping costs or the shipping costs proposed by Maremagnum.

Rating of bookshops

The rating of bookshops is done monthly based on the percentage of unavailable orders in relation to the total orders received in the previous month: thus, for example in December each bookshop will have a rating based on the month of November.

Below is the percentage of failed orders and the rating .

% FAILED ORDERS  RATING 0%-15%   5 stars 16%-25%  4 stars 26%-55%  3 stars > 55%  2 stars