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Sei in possesso di una Carta del Docente o di un Buono 18App? Scopri come usarli su Maremagnum!







  • Select the amount you wish to spend
  • Personalise the Gift card with a message.
  • Once you have chosen the amount you can pay by PayPal or Credit Card.
  • At the end of the purchase process you will receive a receipt and the recipient of the Gift card will receive an email with all the instructions.


What happens if I enter an wrong e-mail address or telephone number?

You can update email or phone number until the Gift card is added to your account. If the Gift card cannot be sent you will receive a notification to update the information and resend it.

How do I know if the Gift card has been received?

You can check the status of the Gift card in your account. When you see 'added' it means that the Gift card has been successfully added to the recipient's account.

Can I buy a Gift card and add it to my account?

Of course, but if you want to purchase and use a Gift card for yourself, we invite you to use Maremagnum "Recharge".

How does the Gift card work?

You can add the Gift card through 'My Account' > 'Gift card and Recharge ' > and click on 'Add to My Account'.