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Can I receive an invoice for my order?

Yes, please enter the invoice data when ordering or in your account.
You will find the invoice in your account on the day following the order. You will still receive the invoice by email.
For further assistance please write to:

Remember that with Electronic Invoicing it is mandatory to include at least one of the following two data elements: Recipient Code or PEC Address.

I have placed an order. Can I add or change my billing address?

If your order has already been confirmed by the bookseller, you can no longer add or change the billing address for that individual order.

If the bookseller has yet to confirm your order, you can still add or change your billing address, either from your account under "Personal data">"Billing data" or from the link in the email you received from Maremagnum.


Can I receive one invoice for several books?

If your order includes several books from different booksellers, you will only receive one invoice.

I have received a credit note. Will it also be sent to me in XML electronic format?

I have received a credit note. Will it also be sent to me in XML electronic format?
If the credit note was issued on an invoice, it will also be produced in electronic xml format; conversely, if the credit note was issued on a receipt (which does not have to be transmitted in xml format), one will be produced in digital format.

Recipient Code, Codice Unico d’Ufficio (CUU) and SDI. What are they?

The Codice Univoco Ufficio o Codice IPA Code is a mandatory 6-character alphanumeric code attributed only to Italian Public Administrations and which identifies the addressee of an invoice.

The Recipient Code is an optional 7-character alphanumeric code attributed to private taxpayers (companies, freelancers, etc.) and which identifies (as in the case of the pec) a specific taxpayer.

The SdI Identifier is a code that certifies the successful delivery of the xml file (electronic invoice) by the Sistema di Interscambio itself to the recipient agency.

What is XML?

The acronym XML (acronym for eXtensible Markup Language) identifies the format (or rather markup language with which the file is written and which allows to define and verify the meaning of the elements contained in a document or in a text) of the electronic invoice file and in general of all the accounting documents required by the electronic invoicing regulations.

What is PEC?

Certified Electronic Mail (PEC) is the system that allows you to send e-mails with legal value equivalent to a registered letter with advice of receipt, as established by  the Italian Decree 11 February 2005 no. 68).
Compared to ordinary e-mail, the PEC service has additional features that provide users with the legal value certainty of the sending and delivery (or non-delivery) of e-mails to the addressee:

it has the same legal value as a registered letter with advice of receipt with proof of the exact time of sending;
thanks to the security protocols used, it is able to guarantee the certainty of the content, making it impossible to modify either the message or any attachments.

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