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books sell with us

Sell on is a marketplace where Bookshops and Publishers sell their books, as well as many other collector's items: photographs, manuscripts, prints, comics and much more!


New customers
We help you reach millions of clients every day


More inventories
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Seller support
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How to sell

Selling on only takes 5 simple steps.
Scroll through the gallery below to find out how to join our marketplace.

Sign up

Create your seller account on to start selling your products
To complete the registration you will need:

Company name
Telephone number
Billing data
Bank details

Sign up


Upload one or more catalogues

You can choose to organise one or more catalogues according to the type of product (books, comics, prints, periodicals, etc.).
You can:

  • Create a new catalogue or import one that you already own 
  • Update single records
  • Edit, replace or delete one or more catalogues per time
  • If you have any special questions about uploading a catalogue, please contact us
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Customers start searching and buying

Every day we receive views from over 10,000 users looking for antique, used, out-of-print and new books. 

On each Seller is subject to a rating that depends on how often the inventory is updated and therefore on the actual availability of books.

So remember to always keep an eye on your profile. The more accurate you are, the higher your rating will be and the easier it will be for customers to find your books.


Order processing

Order receipt and shipment to the customer

When you sign up, we will ask you how you will ship your books to your Country and abroad:

  • Standard - Estimated delivery in 5-10 working days
  • Express - Estimated delivery within 48 working hours
  • Economy - Estimated delivery in 10-30 working days

You can join our UPS courier service for express shipments abroad.

Contact us

Receiving payment

Receiving payment from your sales

On the 25th of the following month, you will find in your account a Pro-forma relating to the previous month's sales. This document must be converted into an invoice to be sent to

Payment for the sales included in the Pro-forma will be made a few days after it has been received.

What can you sell?

On you can sell one or more types of product, listed in different databases. Customers will be able to find what they are looking for more easily.









Newspapers & Magazines







Membership of the site as Sellers is not open to private individuals, but only to Booksellers, and Publishers with a VAT number. If you are a private individual and would like to sell your books, you can still access our valuation services and/or contact the Sellers for a sales proposal, using the "ask for more info" button under each product page.

How much does it cost to sell on Maremagnum?

If you are a Bookshop, there is a monthly fee starting at €2.90 + VAT 
If you are a Publisher the monthly fee is free.

For more information on fees and commissions, please consult the contract dedicated to you:

Contract reserved for Bookshops

How do I send my catalogue?

During registration you will be asked how you like to send your catalogue data. We currently accept various formats from most sales sites.

  • Directly on, the ideal solution for sellers with few titles
  • MaremagnumPro, the inventory software released by, which exports and sends the file to your Seller Dashboard
  • Homebase, the software used by AbeBooks
  • An electronic spreadsheet (.txt, .tsv)


How do I organise shipments to customers?

On you can choose one or more types of both national and international shipments. It is mandatory to indicate at least one international shipment. Here are the shipment types

Standard - Estimated delivery in 5-10 working days
Express - Estimated delivery in 1-2 working days
Economy - Estimated delivery in 10-30 working days

Standard International - Estimated delivery in 10-30 working days
Express International - Estimated delivery in 3-5 working days offers the possibility to join its courier companies at no cost to the seller.
We currently have agreements with UPS.