Palomé, Edgar C. (Managing Ed. )

THE JOURNAL OF INDO-EUROPEAN STUDIES Volume 25, Numbers 3 & 4, Fall/winter 1997

Institute for the Study of Man, 1997

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Foxing to textblock. Else minor shelfwear. ; Numbers 3 & 4    pp. 285-540; JIES Vol. 25, Nos. 3 & 4; 255 pages; Braarvig, Jens Horses and Ships in Vedic and Old Greek Material 345 Brosman, Paul W. , Jr. Confirmation Concerning Two Aspects of Hittite Gender 415 Danka, Ignacy Ryszard and Krysztof Tomasz Witczak Indo-European *k'wnHos and Its Meanings in the Neolithic and Post-Neolithic Times 361 Davis-Kimball, Jeannine Sauro-Sarmatian Nomadic Women: New Gender Identities 327 Greppin, John A. C. A Note on Georgian USX- and Indo-Europeanisms in the Kartvelian Languages 383 Huld, Martin E. The Loins of Antimachus 409 Jordán-Cólera, Carlos The Etymology of Insula, Aestus and Aestuarium 353 Østmo, Einar Horses, Indo-Europeans and the Importance of Ships 285 Pulju, Tim Indo-European *dA > *dh 387 Schmalstieg, William R. The Origin of the Neuter Nominative-Accusative Singular in *-OM 401 Sen, Subhadra Kumar Unrequited Love: East and West 417 Takács, Gábor Note on the Origin of PIE *pes- 'Penis' 371