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How do I sign up to Maremagnum?

To sign up simply click on this link and choose your user registration. Once you have filled in all the fields, click on "confirm registration". Within a few minutes you will receive an email to confirm and activate your account.

NB. If you don't receive anything, check the "spam folder" of your e-mail box.

Can I update my email I sign up with?

To update your email address log in to your account and click: 
My data> Personal data

In the first field "E-mail" enter the new e-mail and click on "Update" button at the bottom of the page.

I forgot my password, how do I reset it?

If you do not remember the password you used to register with Maremagnum, click on this link, we will email you instructions for setting a new password.

PLEASE NOTE. If you don't receive anything, please check the "spam folder" of your e-mail box.

I want to delete my account

In order to delete your account, please contact Assistenza -Gestione account.

I no longer wish to receive the newsletter

If you no longer wish to receive our newsletter and thus updates regarding discounts, current promotions and/or news from the book world, you can click 'unsubscribe' from the last newsletter you received, or from your account.

From now on you will only receive answers to your orders, questions sent to booksellers, updates of your Desiderata and Wishlist.

I do not know some terms and/or abbreviations

In book jargon one often finds terms or abbreviations in the construction of the bibliographic record. For this reason we have created a multilingual Bibliographic Glossary, a support to help you understand the book description form. If this is not enough, you can always use "ask for more info" near the book title.


Come posso controllare il saldo del mio Borsellino?

Accedi al tuo account di Maremagnum e vai alla sezione Il mio Borsellino.

  • Monitorare il saldo attuale

In caso di non disponibilità di un articolo l’intero importo verrà riaccreditato nel tuo Borsellino.
Se non ti risulta un rimborso contattaci selezionando l'Area di assistenza Gestione Ordini.

Dove trovo le risposte dei librai alle mie domande?

Nel tuo account alla voce Le mie Domande troverai l'elenco delle tue conversazioni con i librai.

Cliccando sul titolo dell'articolo di interesse potrai rivedere la scheda-prodotto nel dettaglio.
Cliccando su vedi potrai leggere le domande e le risposte nel dettaglio.

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